lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Christmas, music, fireworks, ...

Let's start by listening to some good music by the British band Coldplay. Christmas Lights is one of those songs making us think about people we love, sadness and gloom but also Hope.

Light on Christmas time may be considered as a symbol of Hope of a better future, a way of fighting darkness and cold. Perhaps, that's the reason why most cities and towns around the world light up their streets, Christmas trees, ... and even the sky is illuminated by fireworks when we welcome a New Year. Have a look at this fireworks display with which Londoners welcomed 2012. The Clock Tower -Big Ben- , the London Eye and music played an important role in this show. Amazing!

Sydney (Australia) also offered a big show full of rhythm and fireworks. Aussies enjoyed this beatiful display next to a very well-known Australian sight: the Opera House.

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  1. Wonderful fireworks! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. it´s a wonderful blog. I like it very much